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With the ability to handle different scale projects, we are able to provide quality maintenance and operational services to our valued clients. Our committed staff can deliver services and meet our clients’ requirements promptly and efficiently.

Hsitory in Words

We partner with over 320 amazing seds projects worldwide.There anyone who loves or desires to obtain pain of it is because seds all occasionally circumstances.

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Why Choose Us

10 Years Warranty

We have Expert production units

Superior Sound Insulation

Fabrication units with a capacity to produce 3 lakhs sq ft per month

Extremely Energy Efficient

Manufacture best quality uPVC windows and doors that are wide, strong, thick and stable for Indian weather conditions

Withstand 250 kmph Wind Speeds

Latest laboratory equipment certified by NABL for quality assessment

Airtight Seals

Regular monitoring while adhering to international standards

Elegant Looks & UV Resistant

Lead-free uPVC profiles, Minimal product wastage and environment-friendly materials ensure energy efficiency and comfortable living